Government regulations regarding the Corona Virus lockdown continue to be changed periodically, but our weekly gatherings at St Thomas must remain suspended for the time being. Rest assured that we will start activities again just as soon as government regulations allow and we are certain that things are safe for members and volunteers.

In the meantime, the committee and volunteers remain busy on behalf of members, with a weekly 'singalong' (with videos, photographs, messages) emailed to those who do use the internet and phone calls, letters and cards for those who don't. The themes of our virtual singalong emails since the lockdown began have included Birds, Birthdays, Cars, Sailing and VE Day. Our VE Day session featured recollections by members of their VE Day memories as children, or recollections of what their relatives had done during World War II.

A particularly popular theme at the end of May was 'Musical Instruments', featuring some of the musicians who volunteer for the group (see below for some photographs which were included in that week's activities).

Our weekly virtual sessions will continue until the end of July and will include an "Old Time Music Hall" (with a guest video appearance by opera singer, Alison Kettlewell) and "Last Night of the Proms (with a guest video appearance by opera singer, Rachel Marsh). There will be a break for the month of August and we will resume virtual sessions in September.  

The final song of our VE Day session in May was "We'll meet again" ... and we all look forward to that day! 


Volunteer, David. plays the flute


Volunteer, Daphne, plays the clarinet


Volunteer, Alastair, plays the French Horn


Volunteer, Jan, plays the guitar