We are an independent organisation and work with a group of about 30 members (12-15 people with dementia, each with their carer); we have a group of  volunteers to help with our sessions. Our musical activities are led by musicians who have gained valuable experience through the Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Singing for the Brain®’project. Our musical leaders take it in turns to lead the sessions. We have a strong and supportive team of volunteers on hand to assist with the singing, organise the refreshments and help to look after members of the group. Over the last few years we have been pleased to welcome younger volunteers, including Grace Tilley, a student volunteer from the University of Exeter, whose degree dissertation was entitled 'Exploring the use of music within dementia care and how it can have a positive impact on individuals: improving wellbeing and quality of life'. Grace plans to pursue her interest in this field and says: 'it's so moving and so exciting what music can do for people. I'm going to see if I can use music where I live to help people with dementia too. It's so important and worthwhile and needs more publicity so it can happen more across the country.'

We organise training for our volunteers with outside agencies such as the University of Exeter Department of Psychology and nurses from "Memory Matters" in Cornwall and are regularly visited by musicians interested in setting up similar groups.


Musical Leaders (left to right): Jan Middleton, Maureen Stoolman, Daphne West






logoThe logo which appears on our printed materials was originally designed by a member of Redhills Primary School – thank you, Amy!  Visits by young people are much enjoyed by our members and also help to achieve one of our aims – to promote dementia awareness in the community.